Pet Paws Paw Cleaner Cup


Cup for cleaning pets' paws, with bristles that help with cleaning and device to rotate the bristles inside the cup.

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The care your pet deserves!

Taking care of our pets is very important, especially when it comes to hygiene. When we take our little furry friends for a walk, it's common for them to get their paws dirty and bring dirt back home. Cleaning their paws correctly and without hurting them is possible!

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Your pet clean anywhere!

With the Pet Paws Paw Cleaner Cup, the bristles rotate automatically when you press the device, providing a quick and efficient cleaning, keeping your pet's paws clean and healthy.

Unique Features

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The rotating bristles remove dirt and debris from paws in seconds.

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Take the Pet Paws Paw Cleaner Cup wherever you go and ensure clean paws anytime, anywhere.

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Suitable for all

The soft and effective bristles make it suitable for animals of all sizes.

Satisfied customers all over the world

Pet Paws is amazing, my little dog loves it and her paws are super clean. It really works!

Bruna C.


Excellent product, easy to use and super practical to take on trips. The bristles are soft and don't hurt my dog's paws.

Thayla C.


I love the Pet Paws Paw Cleaner Cup, it's the perfect solution to keep my pet's paws clean. I was just a little confused the first time I used it, but then I got the hang of it.

Michelle M.


Frequent Questions

It's very easy to use! Just add a little water to the cup, put your pet's paw in the cup, and rotate the bristles clockwise and counterclockwise to clean the dirt. Be sure to dry your pet's paws after cleaning.

Yes! The cup's bristles are soft and effective, making it suitable for animals of all sizes.

Yes, it's very easy to clean. Just remove the bristles from the cup and wash them with running water and soap.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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